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The Diverse Robustness

Before we begin talking about the qualities of leather palm gloves, an explanation is due. Many people mistake them and plain leather pieces to be the same thing. However, there is a distinct difference between the two. The latter only enjoys material on its palm. Whereas, the other uses it all over the pair. Thus, allowing the entire hand to be covered by the premium material. Moreover, it affects every aspect of the product. Hence, resulting in a stark difference between the qualities of the two....

Having said that, let’s clear another misconception. Many people think these pairs are only useful when driving. However, the truth is far from it. These products are incredibly dynamic and versatile. Thus, being able to complete a wide variety of tasks without trouble. Whether it’s manufacturing products or protective gear, these handwears reign supreme.


  • Protection: Given the nature of work, automation everywhere isn’t possible. There exists a gap that requires a human hand. However, that hand requires thorough protection. To that end, our gloves primary function is to safeguard the user’s hand. In more ways than one. The presence of sharp, heavy, hot, or cold objects makes work dangerous. That’s why protection gear is necessary to fulfill the requirements.
  • Skin Friendly: Those who often wear poor quality handwear know its effects. The uneasiness comes with constant sweating. Moreover, in some cases it acts against the skin. Which results in swelling. In more severe cases, it can even lead to skin diseases. Such as eczema or other severe diseases. All this impacts the performance of the worker. Although they are not the one at fault. That’s why we conduct tests on our products. Thus, ensuring they’re free from any harmful substances. Thus, ensuring a safe and efficient experience.
  • Firm Grip: One the most essential function of a glove is to offer a good grip. This plays a key role in their acceptance. That is one as an efficient product. If a pair only offers security by compromising the quality of work, then it’s rated highly. Resulting in companies steering clear of them. That’s why Khas products excel in this department. Our pieces maintain their tactile prowess. Hence, instead of hampering productivity, they boost it. Whether the environment is dry, damp, or oily, these pairs offer solid grasp. Making our produce one of the finest in the country.
  • Agility: There are many tasks that are sensitive. That is they require a degree of finesse. Many people take their gloves off for these jobs. Even if they’re not safe. As they believe that these handwear affect the agility of their hands. Thus, affecting their work’s quality and efficiency. However, our gloves offer acute dexterity. Allowing the users to perform sensitive work effortlessly. Hence, they’re not only able to perform their jobs responsibly but safely too.

  • Benefits

    • Heat Resistant: These types of handwears have a strong constitution against heat. Whether you’re working with flammable equipment or work where you’re exposed to it, these pairs offer protection. Moreover, they won’t even catch fire. It offers comprehensive safety to the wearer. However, we still recommend the best practice is precaution. Having said that, it offers security from the worst case scenario.
    • Breathability: Although some heat resistant gloves offer security, there’s a compromise. The safety may be sufficient, yet, it can get uncomfortable. Though you’re secure, you’re not necessarily at ease. Additionally, it might feel restrictive and tight. Which might influence the task at hand negatively. However, Khas’s gloves offer the best of both worlds. Offering the best protection and breathability.
    • Insulation: The diversity of these products is dynamic. Whether you’re working in a cold or hot atmosphere, your hands are secure. These insulated work gloves cover all areas of concern. Protecting the wearers from every sort of danger. Thus, not only offering adequate security. Consequently, increasing the efficiency of every task.
    • Puncture Resistance: The thick and strong structure of these handwears is sound. This is particularly effective for manual labor work. The presence of dangerous elements makes the situation precarious. However, these professional gloves cover your hands completely. Thus, making it a safe and efficient experience.

    The Conclusion

    All in all, these split leather gloves are special. Their protective features put the wearer at ease. Moreover, they are diverse. They are useful for various tasks. Additionally, their durability makes them long term investments. One where you can put your worries at ease after purchasing. Thus, making it the complete package. Go to our website and grab yours today.