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The Perils Of Assembly Work

The dangers of working in such a place may not be well known. However those aware know of its severity. An assembly worker faces a lot of threats. These range from minor to permanent injuries. Yet, such is the nature of their work. Having said that, precautions come first. Thus, minimizing, if not eliminating, that possibility....

Safety of workers is paramount. Khas industries is aware of this responsibility. Hence, we pride ourselves on producing gloves up to the task. They’re designed to protect its wearer thoroughly. Hence, preventing any serious injuries. Moreover, they are available at affordable rates. Hence, making safety accessible to everyone. Not just those with the resources to enjoy it. With these things in mind, we went about producing high quality gloves.

Let’s take a closer look at their benefits. Along with the requirements these handwears need to possess.


  • Protection: Given the nature of work, automation everywhere isn’t possible. There exists a gap that requires a human hand. However, that hand requires thorough protection. To that end, our assembly line gloves primary function is to safeguard the user’s hand. In more ways than one. The presence of sharp, heavy, hot, or cold objects makes work dangerous. That’s why protection gear is necessary to fulfill the requirements.
  • Skin Friendly: Those who often wear poor quality handwear know its effects. The uneasiness comes with constant sweating. Moreover, in some cases it acts against the skin. Which results in swelling. In more severe cases, it can even lead to skin diseases. Such as eczema or other severe diseases. All this impacts the performance of the worker. Although they are not the one at fault. That’s why we conduct tests on our products. Thus, ensuring they’re free from any harmful substances. Thus, ensuring a safe and efficient experience.
  • Firm Grip: One the most essential function of a glove is to offer a good grip. This plays a key role in their acceptance. That is one as an efficient product. If a pair only offers security by compromising the quality of work, then it’s rated highly. Resulting in companies steering clear of them. That’s why Khas products excel in this department. Our pieces maintain their tactile prowess. Hence, instead of hampering productivity, they boost it. Whether the environment is dry, damp, or oily, these pairs offer solid grasp. Making our produce one of the finest in the country.
  • Agility: There are many tasks that are sensitive. That is they require a degree of finesse. Many people take their gloves off for these jobs. Even if they’re not safe. As they believe that these handwear affect the agility of their hands. Thus, affecting their work’s quality and efficiency. However, our gloves offer acute dexterity. Allowing the users to perform sensitive work effortlessly. Hence, they’re not only able to perform their jobs responsibly but safely too.

  • Benefits

    • Abrasion Resistance: The nature of working in the manufacturing can be scruffy. The frequent interaction with rough-surfaced objects can take its toll. Furthermore, the resultant abrasions from these impacts can lead to injuries. Some of them permanent if the hands aren’t safeguarded. Moreover, even if you're wearing protective gear, they’ll come up short if they aren’t abrasion resistant. That’s why Khas's assembly gloves are abrasion resistant. Hence, giving complete protection without deteriorating for years to come.
    • Cut Resistance: As people in assembly work are regularly exposed to sharp objects, they’re at risk. The presence of sharp objects, glass, or any needles can cause mild to serious damage. Hence, wearing a protective layer over your hands is crucial. Thus, eliminating the possibility of any serious injuries.
    • Wear and Tear: Khas industries prides itself on producing not only dynamic products, but durable ones. Our pairs are long term investments whose performance doesn’t falter with time. Hence, making them not only a smart purchase for its qualities but a long lasting one. That’s why our products can go through a lot of wear and tear without losing its integrity. Consequently, returning dividends for years to come.
    • Protection Against Impact: When working in such a busy atmosphere with heavy objects, an accident’s always nearby. Though measures are put into place to minimize that possibility, it’s impossible to eliminate. That’s why wearing safety gear is essential. They safeguard against heavy impact. Thus, taking the brunt of it. Securing your hands from all sorts of damage.

    The Conclusion

    All in all, Khas’s assembly pairs are a work of wonder. Whether you’re looking for chemical resistant gloves or electrical insulated gloves, here’s the answer. With its comfortable structure, they perform both tasks. To make work easy and efficient. Moreover, they are durable. They maintain their qualities without losing them. Thus, making them a long term investment. One that gives returns for years. Without compromising on the standard. Visit our website and get yours today.