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What is PU leather? Pros & Cons

PU leather

The Conscientious Consumption

The timeless appeal of leather has been stated for pages before. However, what’s recently come to the forefront of discussion has focused not on its utility but cost. This refers not to its monetary aspect but its environmental expense. Due to the never-ending demand for the material, more and more animals have been pushed towards extinction. That is a price that many people feel is too high for an accessory. That’s why many people tend to prefer its synthetic alternative – like PU. However, what is PU leather, and what makes it such a good replacement?

What Is PU Leather

PU – or polyurethane – is a type of synthetic variation. In other words, this is a variation that doesn’t require animal skin. Instead, it uses thermoplastic polymer to create a synthetic version of it. Hence, consumers can now enjoy the utility of the age-old luxury without having to battle a moral dilemma. However, the question to ask is what makes PU a popular choice as compared to other alternatives?

Well, there are various reasons that customers are looking at alternatives to traditional products. Most reasons set forth by consumers relate to their responsibility to the environment. Due to the increasingly advanced systems, people can now measure the cost of their consumption on the environment. That’s why they want their purchases to align with their values, which makes modern options attractive. They provide a way for people to enjoy their products without feeling guilty about their implications. Moreover, industries have opted for them for this and numerous other reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the sectors that have shifted towards synthetic options.


PU is a dynamic and versatile piece of material that’s found in various sectors. It has become a staple in recent years due to its affordability, durability, and eco-friendliness. That’s why many firms have shifted towards utilizing it instead of its organic counterpart. Let’s take a look at some of the industries it’s found in.

  • Furniture
  • Fashion
  • Accessories
  • Automotive
  • Sports


  • Appearance: One of the most enticing aspects of the original version is its shiny, glistening appearance. That’s why many people still prefer it over its synthetic alternative. However, PU offers versatility in its appearance. This means that it can be molded into various styles and shapes without losing its integrity. This robust dynamism has made it a popular choice amongst various industries.
  • Durability: When it comes to sturdiness, nothing comes close to 100% original hides. However, when it comes to its alternatives, nothing beats PU. “How long does PU leather last?”. Well, considerably longer than its peers. It can absorb significant wear and tear without losing its quality over time. This makes a smart long-term investment, which has prompted many industries to employ it in their products.
  • Cost-Effective: Arguably the most appealing aspect of this version is that it’s significantly less expensive than its traditional counterpart. The fact that it is produced from synthetic material means it can be produced at a significantly low rate. This makes its products accessible to a wider range of people and businesses. Thus explaining its growing popularity.


  • Breathability: One of the most common concerns consumers have is their struggle with breathability. Compared to its genuine version, PU doesn’t allow air to circulate through it. Consequently, it becomes uncomfortable to wear for a longer period. This factor is particularly concerning for the fashion industry, where comfort is an essential aspect.
  • Visual: The prestige of owning an original product lies in the asset speaking for itself. In other words, the sheen of the traditional version indicates its authenticity to onlookers. Unfortunately, PU doesn’t possess the same appearance, as it’s devoid of the elegant texture and design of the original. Though many advances have been made to abridge the difference, it still exists today. Hence, people looking for an authentic experience may prefer the original.
  • Toxic Chemicals: The most concerning factor of these variants is the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These refer to a group of chemicals released into the air as gasses from particular products. These gasses can result in a range of health problems including dizziness, nausea, and irritations of the senses. That’s why many people prefer to avoid it due to its environmental and health impact.


At the end of the day, PU has its pros and cons like any other material. However, its presence has presented an affordable and conscientious replacement for its traditional version. Whereby people can indulge to their heart’s content without worrying about their environmental responsibility. Visit Khas’s website and browse through our dense collection. You’re bound to find the perfect fit.


What is PU leather material?

It is made out of thermoplastic polymer, which is a type of synthetic version.

Is PU leather real leather?

No, it is made out of synthetic material.

Is PU leather durable?

Though not as durable as its real counterpart, PU offers the best durability out of all synthetic options.

Is PU leather waterproof?

Though it is water-resistant to some extent, it certainly is not waterproof.

Can you laser engrave PU leather?

Yes, it is possible to engrave using lasers in a matter of minutes.

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