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Which Agricultural Gloves Are Right For You

Farmers and ranchers work in one of the most injury-prone occupations.

Leather gloves can be considered one of the best forms of protection due to leather’s toughness and durability. Using the appropriate gloves is vital to ensure you provide the best possible protection to your hands.

This guide will offer 2 different types of gloves you can use to better protect your hands.

1) Leather Palm:

Leather Palm gloves are low cost leather gloves made as they only have the palm and finger tips made of leather.

For farmers and ranchers looking for a low-cost glove leather palm offers protection against abrasion from activities like roping and lifting heavy objects. Moreover, leather palm gloves also have a safety cuff which offers additional protection for your wrist and can prevent objects like thorns or wires from pricking at your skin.

Hence leather palm gloves are the best option for farmers looking for a cheaper glove.

2) Leather Driver Gloves:

Leather driver gloves are made entirely of leather which makes them more expensive than leather palm gloves.

Leather driver gloves offer greater durability compared to leather palms as they are made of a higher quality of leather. Leather drivers enable you to do work requiring greater dexterity such as crop harvesting and repairing equipment whilst offering better abrasion resistance than leather palm gloves hence the higher price. Leather drivers offer greater comfort due to the smoothness of the leather used to make them.

If you are looking for the complete leather glove, opt for the leather driver glove.


For cut resistance and insulation in leather gloves, look at the lining being used. Cold insulation will come from materials like wool, fleece or Thinsulate used in the lining of the glove. For cut-resistance opt for Kevlar lining and stitching for added protection from sharp objects.


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